Ally McKay

Ally McKay is a Brisbane based artist, graduating from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours in 2015.

Ally uses simple material configurations to express complex poetic expression. By grouping unaltered objects within well considered spatial environments, Ally exposes unspoken vulnerabilities from her own life experience. Ally pairs materials which answer to these moments, creating structures and installations with an intrinsic physical tension. By opposing strengths and weaknesses within counterparts, she explores the duality of fragility and resistance using materials linked to basic construction and desktop stationery.

The combination of materials relies heavily on visual metaphors to communicate feelings of hopelessness and defiance, with each balancing tension, endurance and failure. As an artist, Ally views herself as the orchestrator, reducing elements to their most minimal form to infer strong sentiments in the form of material conversation. 

Despite their precariousness, Ally's quiet constructions are a determination to make things work. They embrace fragility to speak of growth and adaptation to new environments. Drawing upon the communicative capacity of humble materials, Ally continues the process of material poetics to generate highly considered sentiments of tension, endurance and vulnerability within her practice.