Resistance and Residue

Honours Practice Led Research body of work.


This research project develops an investigation into material poetics and the tension between materiality and spoken language. I aim to create a material conversation through sculpture, installation and artist books to translate my own experience of decay and death through material poetics. By acknowledging the rise of an ‘ultramaterialist’ art, I seek to develop a critical inquiry into visual metaphor, dialectics and juxtapositions as the foundations for generating a material poetics, analysing this through the work of contemporary artists. I also aim to situate material poetics within the text and image debate, drawing on the image surface and medium as relevant points of intersection. Following a practice led inquiry, I work with gathered materials which emphasise material properties of fragility and resilience. I also draw on the indexical sign and interactive elements to develop dynamic relationships which generate a resistance and residue to create visual representations that address the process of decay and death.